Let the Game Begin

Here’s a play by play…well, sort of.

Scott arrived early to make sure he didn’t miss the bus. He was a little excited.


On the way from Movistar (the company who ran the promotion) to Camp Nou (the soccer stadium), Scott said the people on the street or in cars next to them were taking pictures. Since it is the official bus, some people probably thought the real Barca players were on board.


This is a group picture before the game began. There were 26 winners.

They warmed up on the field before the game.

This is the team’s motto “More than a Club.”


Since they were all wearing the same official Barca uniform, the players wore a blue or green vest to differentiate the teams.


See Scott!20140625_191440

See Scott Run!


And, the night finished with a reception where he got to touch the Champion’s League Champion trophy, or something like that.

A special thanks to Anna, who performed outstanding journalistic duties! Also, we want to thank Movistar and F.C. Barcelona for this promotion that made dreams come true!


4 thoughts on “Let the Game Begin

  1. This is absolutely the funniest thing yet. Please thank your wonderful thoughtful host family for making this possible for grandson Scott, and thank you for sharing.

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