You’ll Never Believe It…

…unless you see the pictures (coming soon). It is a story I couldn’t have even imagined in my fiction-writing class. It came out of no where, but incredible, all the more!

A few weeks ago, our host family decided to change internet companies so that their phones and internet would be with the same company. We have all seen promotions for a better price if you bundle your services, so it seemed like a good time to change.

Two weeks passed, and I was out to lunch with a lady (from Austin, Texas) on this particular day and Scott was home eating with the family. During lunch, Albert and Damaris received a phone call. After they got off the phone, the family was talking quickly, and all Scott could catch were the names of family members, and then his name. They all agreed on him, but he didn’t know what for.

Anna helped him understand that the phone/internet company had called Albert to let him know that part of the promotion to bundle your services included an entry into a drawing. They had won, so someone in the family was invited to play soccer in FC Barcelona’s stadium, Camp Nou, with other winners from the drawing. And, Scott was the was the lucky person from “our family” to get that oppurtunity. Would he do it? Confused but excited, he agreed.

So, on Wednesday night Scott and Anna got picked up by the bus that the real Barca players ride and were transported to Camp Nou for a game. Not only that, each winner received a jersey with their name and number (of choice) on the back. The players got to change in the locker room, shower there after the game, and tour the stadium. Each team had a past Barca player as the coach. Anna got to sit with the other guests in the Presidential Zone of the stadium. After the game, they had snacks and mingling time. More specifics to come with the pictures…

Our journalist, Anna, took loads of pictures that I will share soon, but here is one to hold you over.

Our journalist, Anna, took loads of pictures that I will share soon, but here is one to hold you over.

Anna said that the announcer for the game was calling Scott the “bala” or bullet because he ran so fast. We actually have a video to prove it, but it’s kind of hard for the English ear to hear.

The especially cool part is that before we ever came, I was praying for Scott to get to go to a game at Barca stadium. I knew the season would already be wrapping up when we came, and all of the tickets I looked at were crazy expensive, but also knew he would love to go. We settled with plans to go tour the stadium (which we thankfully hadn’t done yet). Also, Scott brought his cleats but decided recently that he brought them for no reason. Jesus creatively provided even for a seemingly impossible and unimportant wish! In the end, Scott got way more than simply a game or a tour would have included. God is so good to us.


3 thoughts on “You’ll Never Believe It…

  1. this is over the top!!!! Having Scott play is so thoughtful of your host family. Tell them that I thank them for giving him this opportunity. I turned out to be fun for Savanah and Anna too.

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