Pizza, Hot Chocolate and Hospital de Sant Pau

This weekend we decided to stay back while the family went camping. We had a lot of school work to catch up on, but here’s what we’ve done for study breaks.

#1 We enjoyed gluten-free pizza at Il Piccolo Focone on Friday night. In Scott’s words, “you could have dropped me in Rome and given me this pizza, and I would have thought it was real Italian pizza.” It’s true. The owner is Italian with two daughters that have celiac disease, so the pizza was legit. The other great part is that it’s only a 20 minute walk from our apartment and they have gluten-free fresh pasta too. Yep, probably going back.

Pesto Three Cheese Pizza

Pesto Three Cheese Pizza

#2 We walked La Ramblas and darted in and out of side streets with crazy cool character. I was enjoying it so much I forgot to take pictures. The reason for our break was to go to an old dairy that invented the delicious dark chocolate milk drink, Cacaolat. This place also makes the traditional Spanish thick hot chocolate that I wanted to try, and they offer it with gluten free lady fingers. With the summer heat, Scott opted for the chocolate milkshake.2014-06-21 13.38.312014-06-21 13.38.41








#3 We toured Hospital de Sant Pau this afternoon. To learn more about what it is, see my post where I explain the history. It was an incredibly different tourist experience. Unlike a museum or a cathedral, it was an attraction of its own. From the underground tunnels to the herbs and orange trees in the courtyard to the artistic tile work, we thoroughly enjoyed seeing the grounds. I love the idea of promoting wellness of the whole person and the emphasis on nature being part of the healing process.

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2 thoughts on “Pizza, Hot Chocolate and Hospital de Sant Pau

    • They are! I would say Western Europe is in general, but I don’t know why. It makes you wonder if more people have it. And, then that makes you wonder why more people have it…

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