Por qué Paris

2014-06-14 15.10.29-1

Over the weekend, Scott and I traveled to Paris. Why go somewhere you have already been when the rest of Spain is waiting to be explored? One, we got great deals. Two, we love it. It was one of our favorite places when we went backpacking, and our return voyage did not disappoint.

We found a simple hotel nestled in a street between the Louvre and Notre Dame, and literally only a few steps from the metro. We took advantage of our prime location and visited all of the big places several times each day, whether for a picnic, a chat, or a gaze.

Beyond the culinary delights that I will have to write another post about entirely, Paris is like taking a step back in time. Almost anywhere you go, you aren’t too far from the river which is always a respite from throngs of tourists and inevitable city traffic. For us, Paris is relaxing and refreshing. We were so thankful for the chance to get to go.

Here is our weekend in Paris in pictures:

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