A weekend as tourists


Park Güell


Park Güell

Last Thursday morning, my Mom and Dad arrived in Barcelona, and we spent the rest of the day dragging my jet-lagged parents around town. We toured la Sagrada Familia and Parc Güell, which both feature the architectural designs of Gaudi. Our host family also treated my parents like royalty with a huge meal and wonderful conversation (Thursday night and then again on Sunday for lunch). Scott and I had fun watching my parents experience the course-after-course meals. It was also special for my parents to get to know our incredible host family!

On Friday, we rented a car and Scott drove us to Montserrat and Andorra. Nestled in steep serrated rocks, the Monastery of Montserrat was unlike anything we had ever seen before. We enjoyed walking around, seeing inside the basilica/monastery, and taking in the panoramic views. With many hiking trails that we didn’t have time to explore on this visit, my dad is already making plans for his next trip to Montserrat.

The rest of the weekend we spent in Andorra until we came back to Barcelona on Sunday afternoon. We walked La Rambla, saw the Mediterranean sea, and watched the colorful show of fountains at Montjuic.

Memories that come to mind:20140526-055035.jpg

  • We were required to wear swim caps at the spa in our hotel, which made for lots of laughs. We got to relax in the pool, hot tub and saunas with a view of the snow-capped Pyrenees.
  • My Dad and Scott hiked the highest mountain in Andorra—Coma Pedrosa.
  • My parents got to try lots of Catalonian specialties: Pan con tomate (bread with smeared tomato, oil, and salt), Paella, Spanish omelet with potatoes, Homegrown olives, Caramelized almonds, Crema Catalana (similar to Crème Brulée), Postre del Musico (cake with all sorts of dried fruit and nuts and a flaky pastry base with crema Catalana), Cava, Tapas, Cacoalat (a dark chocolate drink), Mel i Mato (honey and fresh goat cheese), crepes, and all types of cheeses, breads, and pastries! And, we enjoyed coffee in outdoor cafes at least once a day.

Scott and I usually make a game of trying to blend in and not stand out as tourists, but this weekend was a great chance to walk everywhere with a camera around my neck and soak up the scenes. We thoroughly enjoyed our short but sweet time with my parents.




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