Blue-Eyed Boy


You can’t actually see his blue eyes in this picture, but trust me, they’re as blue as the Mediterranean Sea behind him.

Fact: My Scott has brilliant blue eyes.
Fact: Blonde hair and blue eyes are not the norm in Spain.

When we were camping last weekend, the ladies in the family complimented the lovely color of Scott’s eyes. He accepted the compliment by sarcastically saying he knew he had nice eyes, which made all of us laugh.

One sister was not around when we had the conversation, so the group prompted Scott to ask Lydia if she liked his eyes. “¿Te gusta mis ojos?” he asked. She, of course, agreed that he had beautiful blue eyes. It became a joke (like a lot of things around here with Scott) that all of the ladies loved his eyes.

A few nights later, we had Damaris’ parents and sister over for dinner. This was the first time Scott met them; so of course, we all prompted him to ask Damaris’ mom and sister if they liked his eyes. Scott was reluctant but finally looked at Damaris’ sister and said, “¿Quieres mis ojos?” And, the room was quiet for a few seconds before half of us burst into laughter. Instead of saying, “Do you like my eyes,” Scott had asked “Do you want my eyes?” The dear-in-the-headlights look that Damaris’ sister had on her face was classic. Poor Scott didn’t realize he had switched verbs and thus didn’t know what was so funny, but the rest of us were laughing so hard we couldn’t relay what he had said. Luckily, our family likes to laugh, so it was not a big social blunder and the joke lives on.  It’s not a rare occasion here to spend most of our dinner laughing hysterically, usually at something Scott says.

Fact: Scott can turn an ordinary dinner into an extraordinary dinner.


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