Home is where…


Catholic Church on Tibidabo

What makes a place a home? As a child, I thought it was a house. When we moved for the first time in my life, I was six years old and I remember my parents explaining to me that home is where your family is. I have believed that for years. There’s the cliché: “Home is where your heart is.” But, as I ventured to Barcelona (alone at first, but even now with Scott), I wondered once more what makes a place home. For two weeks, none of my predetermined explanations were true, and yet, I felt at home. I feel at home here. I have some incubating thoughts on the subject.

Could it be we found our city? That would be great, but I’m not sure that’s it. Could it be I enjoy travelling and this is a beautiful place so it is easy to feel at home? Maybe, but I think it is more than that. There are plenty of places I have travelled and experienced unease (even in the States). Could it be certain people just have a way of welcoming others into their homes and allowing people to feel relaxed? If so, I want to be this type of person with this type of home. Could it be as Christ-followers, this world is not our home, so we feel at home when we are walking with Jesus wherever we are? If so, it is yet another reason to foster friendship with Jesus.

Last night, our host family drove us to the top of Tibidabo Mountain. (Have I mentioned they are incredibly generous?) It is a mountain that overlooks the city—there’s a Catholic church and a small amusement park on top too! The view is amazing and our pictures don’t even begin to it justice (especially because I forgot to charge our camera in time). In one direction you could see the city and the sea and in the other direction you could see the rolling hills. I know Barcelona is a city of a couple million people (and more in the surrounding communities), but I still wasn’t prepared for how massive it looked from the mountain. La Sagrada Familia hardly stood out among the wide expanse of apartment buildings. Seeing the representation of many homes, I was struck once more that Scott and I are not big city people, but we both feel comfortable in Barcelona. In the end, I am simply thankful for the fantastic family that we live with and the experiences we are getting to have because of them. God provides abundantly.

Barcelona sunset

A view of the city from Tibidabo


4 thoughts on “Home is where…

  1. Great post, sis! It’s interesting to me because we have lived in China for four years, but it has never really felt like home. It has always felt temporary to me. I’m not sure why. I know we are supposed to be here and I know it has forever changed us, but it is not my home. I have peace knowing that my home is in heaven.

    • Two things:
      1. I think we can almost feel more comfortable and relaxed because we know we are only here a couple of months, so there´s not the pressure of knowing you will be in a place longterm.
      2. The biggest factor for us has been the wonderful family we live with. Not only do they take really good care of us, but they also just fit well with us. We are compatible.
      Okay, one more thing, I think the fact that we are in a Western culture versus an Eastern one is huge too. I think I have been surprised how comfortable I feel here, but I totally agree that heaven is the only place that will truly feel like home!

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