Beautiful buildings


Here are lousy pictures of beautiful buildings! These are all of the Hospital de Sant Pau.

Pau Gil, a Catalan who made his money as a banker in Paris, left a large sum money in his will for a hospital to be built in Barcelona. So, after his death, construction began in 1901. By 1911 there were 8 blocks of the complex in use, but they didn’t finish building it until 1930. In fact it’s the largest complex in Modernist style. The plans  included 48 individual buildings in one large square. There is even a church on the premises with floral decoration and sculptures by the best artists of the time! 

They wanted to give sick people a feeling of well-being and beauty, believing that beauty has therapeutic value. The complex was still used as a hospital until 2009! Now, it is being used by about seven different aid organizations including WHO and the UN.  There are certain dilapidated parts that they are working on fully restoring (you can see construction materials in one of the pictures below).





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