My walk to work

After a week of being in Barcelona (and on my fourth day of work), I finally felt comfortable enough with my sense of direction to walk to work. Although I pass by La Sagrada Familia twice a day on the bus, I had a better view today when I was walking. It’s interesting because it’s nestled right into the neighborhood, but it is giant! I thought you might want to see it too.


Although I am experiencing all sorts of new and fantastic things, I feel more of a learning curve at work than in daily life. Perhaps it is because I am by myself or maybe it’s just part of adjusting to a new work environment. Each day is a little better though, and I am learning more and more about international business (trade, exports, industries, economies, etc.). Not only is this a whole new area for me, but it is also primarily in Catalan–all of the documents, promotional materials, and even the computer programs! Good thing I’m very familiar with Microsoft Office, and Google Translate is my best friend!

Plus, today, I learned how to use the coffee machine at work! I’ve always been a black coffee drinker, but since café americano is less common (and embarrassing to admit that I like) and straight espresso is still very strong to me, I am becoming quite fond of café con leche. Which leaves me wondering, will I like regular American coffee when I return???



4 thoughts on “My walk to work

  1. I am happy that you are branching out by walking to work. It sounds very difficult to work in a foreign language situation. I will pray about that. Thanks for keeping me posted. Love Gm

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