First Day and Flashback

2014-04-24 05.39.18


My first day of work was, well, short and sweet. I managed to make it there and back on the bus just fine, thankfully. I met my boss and the team that works on international development. And, I was tasked with a big job for my time here, but I am excited for the challenge (and a little nervous, but mostly excited).

Before I dive into that work, I will meet with each person in the department (10 or so people). A few of those people are also interns; there are three Spanish interns and one German intern. I am hopeful that they will be good connections in the city, and maybe even mis amigas. Today, they all spoke English with me, but it gave me even more motivation to improve my Spanish. This afternoon Anna patiently helped me. It is still a big adjustment from the Spanish we spoke in Honduras. So many words I use, though understood, are considered antiquated here. I am learning a lot, having fun, and picking up the Barcelona lisp (at least in some words)!

For a fun flashback, compliments of my dad, here are a couple of pictures from my first trip to Spain. I remember thinking the lady on the sign was pretty, and I wanted to copy her. I’m not sure what the story is on the second photo.



3 thoughts on “First Day and Flashback

  1. You haven’t changed a bit! And the story on the second photo is that is the bust of the man for which the placed we lived was named. Unfortunately, I don’t remember his name. Maybe Lopez?

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