St. Jordi’s Day

For a little more context: I live with Albert and Damaris and their 21-year-old daughter, Anna. Anna is the only one who speaks English. Typically, they speak Catalan in the home and Spanish in public, but they are generously speaking Spanish at home to help me out. They have two other daughters, Lidia and Raquel who are both married and live in Catalonia. I met them both today. Raquel has an adorable 8-month old son, Biel. I joked today that he is my boyfriend while Scott is not here. He’s a happy little cutie!

Today is the day celebrating St. Jordi, the Catalan name for Saint George, who is the patron saint of Catalonia. St Jordi’s is the day of roses and books. Thus, there are roses and books everywhere! This is me with a stand of roses in the background. 

st. jordis


This is one of many rows of books upon books for all ages and of all kinds. These booths were all over the city.2014-04-23 03.42.04

This morning Albert, Damaris and I picked up Raquel and Biel to go into the city center to walk around. This afternoon I met up with Anna and her sister Lidia to eat lunch (at about 2:30). Anna showed me around the city and helped me get ready for tomorrow, which is my first day of work. Today, I received one rose from Raquel and one rose from Albert–so sweet! I feel quite welcomed here, and I look forward to discovering what my work will be like tomorrow.

This is the view from my window…muy bonita!

2014-04-23 01.40.15


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