When I was 8…

I spilled tomato juice on my all yellow outfit on our way over to Spain. My dad was a professor and was teaching a study abroad program in Spain for the summer, so our whole family spent the summer here with him. Though there’s a lot I don’t remember from that trip, there are several experiences that keep popping up in mind–from tomato juice on my yellow outfit to synchronized swimmers in the pool to castles with a bucket of kittens.

Yesterday, I made the trek to Spain seventeen years later but this time I came alone and I wasn’t wearing all yellow.

On the way I got to see a friend from college, Olivia, who packed a feast for us to munch on as we talked the afternoon away.


I keep falling asleep as I write this post, so hopefully I can stay up for the early dinner we will eat at 8 this evening. I am staying with an absolutely wonderful family, who has already shown extreme patience with me as I butcher the Spanish language and force them to hold their native Catalan for a spell. More to come soon with a national holiday celebration tomorrow…


3 thoughts on “When I was 8…

  1. Watched your plane throughout the night. Was so thankful when I saw landed. Glad to hear things are going well. I am so happy you are blogging again!

  2. What a great adventure for you! How exciting and fun to meet new people, speaking in a different language, working in a different country, and experiencing another culture. Proud of you – the world is your backyard enjoy! Take lots of pictures!

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