Sweet Summertime

I am still wrapping my mind around having finished my first year of grad school, and I’m amazed I only have one semester of coursework left! After a busy semester (really year), it feels so sweet to have summer.


– Longer daylight hours 🙂

– Reading what I want to read! My current read, which I am finding fascinating, Wheat Belly.



– Summer Fruits and Vegetables from our local farm and CSA 

– Longer hours at work, which means I’m getting more projects and learning a lot

– Summer Soup Nights have been different every week based on who is in town, which has been really fun! (I’m also having fun trying out some different foods for summer and giving soup a break while the weather is hot.)

– Occasional opportunities to work with Scott at the moving company

– Time to experiment with gluten-free cooking and baking

– Fellowship with people from our life group–building deeper friendships

– Getting all of July to go see family! Since Scott is starting a master’s program this fall, we are able to take July off and meet our new nephew Pilgrim, who will be coming back from China in July, and attend Hollow Rock with Scott’s family. 

These summer sweeteners remind me to “Taste and see the Lord is good!” (Psalm 34:8)


3 thoughts on “Sweet Summertime

  1. Remember that you can use cornstarch to thicken liquids as a substitute for flour. I have heard that some people can just cut back on gluten foods and get along. I hope this is you. What will Scott be majoring in? I am so happy that he has this opportunity. We love your emails. Gm and Gp

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