Divine Multiplication


Last night, our life group for church had a fajita feast together as our last hoorah as a whole group. The group had grown so much since it began a year and a half ago (before we were here) that last night it multiplied into two groups! It is cool to see God bringing more and more people to the point that the small group is no small group. We are eager to see how Jesus shapes the purpose of each of these groups. Faithfully, God separated the groups in an exciting way.

This is the banana pistachio cake I made for the feast last night. Not exactly “nourishing” with the chocolate cream cheese icing. Nonetheless, as Jesus teaches us, there is a time for feasting and time for fasting. Last night was definitely a time to feast, rejoice and thank God for what he is doing in and through this group, and now we look to what He is going to do in these two groups (and maybe even more before we know it)!


4 thoughts on “Divine Multiplication

    • Yes! You’re welcome to come over for some. I haven’t added back gluten yet, so I haven’t tried it–but it got good reviews. However, I just added back coffee so I would happily share with you over a cup of coffee!

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