Sometimes life is more stressful than I want to admit. It wouldn’t be as stressful if I would not struggle and try but just surrender and trust. But, since I know this to be true, I am embarrassed to admit when I am struggling and trying to no avail. I won’t even admit it to myself.

Over the past few days, I have talked to a series of several people (whom I admire and trust and who know me well), and I have recognized the full plate in my life right now. Isn’t funny how other people have to point something out in us that we are unable to see at times?

In many ways I think I have less going on than I did in college or less than I see many others handling. Yet I think those are just lies of the enemy to rob me of peace and joy, so I’m not going to listen. One of the biggest battles in life is against the inflated value of comparison. Perhaps you’ve fought against it too. Growing up, it came in the form of appearance or self-image; now it can be anything from stuff to knowledge to personality to spirituality. However, no matter what area of life we look at, it is a toxic game to play. And, not surprisingly, playing it puts me face to face with the fact that I am not enough.

“Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Through him we have also obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and we rejoice in hope of the glory of God.” Romans 5:1-2

So, here goes, I choose faith in Jesus that brings peace and grace and joy.

As I slowly pick up blogging again in this new year (I’m slow on the up take), I must repurpose this blog. Unlike the past two years of life that have been filled with transition, change and numerous locations, this year seems to be filled with time in one place. Sure, we’ll have the occasional trip to see family, go to weddings of friends, etc., but for the most part, we are settled for the year. For now, this blog will be more of my reflections on our travels through life instead of our travels through foreign countries. Scott may write on a rare occasion, but for the most part it will just be me sharing snippets of our life with faraway friends. I hope you can find thoughts, stories, and recipes that will fuel you for your own journey!

Our Most Recent Trip: My side of the family met up in Arkansas in late January to be together for the first time since our wedding. We celebrated my grandparents 67th Anniversary, the presence of my sister Candace’s newest son (Simeon), and the time with my pregnant sister, Mallary, and her husband (who were visiting from China for a few weeks). One day maybe we’ll all live a little closer…at least that’s what we keep saying! 🙂



6 thoughts on “Re-purposing

  1. Not sure if I can express what is on my heart. I know you have so much this semester and the pressure of grad school plus a job has to be overwhelming. Kurt and I pray for you all the time as we know the journey you are on now is a tough one. You are very smart, organized, and have had a good education in the past and many life experiences that are going for you now. You are well-prepared for grad school. I know now in my life that being a part of this world is just hard in the workplace and in school. People have a way of making us feel so inadequate and beneath them. I come home everyday wondering if I even have a brain, but I tell myself, that God is my strength and help and I might not be as smart as the next person, but he is carrying me and helping me on my journey. You are so right!!!!!!! Satan puts lies in our minds because he wants us to live defeated lives. I am so glad you are chosing not to believe them.

    Besides your academic abilities, you have so many talents. You are a great cook, decorator, writer, photographer and editor,kind, loving, caring and on and on. You are beautiful inside and out.

    I am sending a couple of scriptures that have helped me: Ps. 71:3 and Proverbs 30:31. I pray them in a personal way.

    Hope you are doing OK. When I read the blog it made me worry, but also helped me personally. I know as women, we struggle so in these areas.

    I am a very poor writer and have so much trouble conveying what is on my heart, my speech so often fails me too. Please know you are loved so much and valued beyond words. Praying for you all the time. love and prayers nancy

    On Sat, Feb 9, 2013 at 9:49 AM, travelinglands

    • Thank you for your deep care and encouraging words! Those are great scriptural truths to cling to. I love the picture of God as our refuge! Yes, these are struggles, but I am thankful that we serve a God of the impossible and God Immanuel—One who is both mighty and near. Praying for you too!

  2. I just read your message and feel a need to sit here and pray for you and Scott. You do have a whirlwind scheule right now which gives way to stress. Even in my simple life I sometimes feel so pulled in many directions. I give way to thinking only of my inadequateness (like spelling) and seriously many more of greater importance. But then God comes into my life like a lifesaver and I greet the day with strength and a feeling of selfworth. Please know that we love you and so does Jesus. Love and Prayers from the gray haired ones on 11 St.

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