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Our past week has been filled with birthday celebrations, family time, and thankfulness! Some fun moments:

– Scott turned 25 last Tuesday! We spent the whole week in celebration…on different days, we grilled out, made cookies, and ate cake and ice cream.

– Scott got to meet my extended family on my mom’s side — my uncles, aunt and cousins. And, I hadn’t seen them for two years!

– My grandma, mom and I had fun cooking together! We shared the cooking load, which was fun for me to be a part of.

– We spent the weekend with my parents at the lake, which was relaxing and so enjoyable! Scott and my dad even cut down 2 large (but dead) pine trees while my mom and I laughed from the window.

– We even got to help my parents set up their Christmas tree and decorate for Christmas.

– We fit in a surprise visit to my grandparents on my dad’s side.

We already miss being with family but look forward to more time together with other family over the Christmas holidays. Through many different conversations, Scott and I have concluded that we either want to live internationally (wherever God may send us) or we want to be close to family. There is so much value in being in daily community with our closest friends–our family!


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