A Baylor Rush

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When Baylor beat the #1 ranked football team (K-State), we were there.

Despite my not-so-secret disinterest, Scott twisted my arm a little to get him a ticket. I knew it would be fun once we got there, but it always seems like such a big chunk of time to commit to going into it. Our friend Marie-Claire (who went to Asbury with us) decided to go to the game too.

On the shuttle on the way back, one of the excited Baylor students said, “This was the best game I’ve ever been to and probably will ever go to.” It made me laugh when I heard this perspective. But the truth is, even for a person who isn’t a big football fan, it was a really fun game to be at.  The atmosphere was full of anticipation and fresh excitement because the game that unfolded surpassed expectations. The students were so rowdy with glee that at the end of the game the whole student section poured over the front of the stands onto the field in an overwhelming rush. We rushed the field, and we (even me) were glad we went.


2 thoughts on “A Baylor Rush

  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures. It is nice to put a face to Marie-Claire. I am glad you all got to be a part of the game.

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