Rosy Rosie

Perhaps I am still on a high from being Rosie last night, but today I felt such a peace…after 9:28 this morning…

Scott left for work later than I left for class today, so we spent the extra time together studying Spanish. But as things go, I felt rushed as I got ready and grabbed things to head out the door. I cycle, cycle, cycled to get to class in, of course, plenty of time. Reality of my rude rush smacked me in the face, I decided to not let that silly moment taint my day. As my dad says, “Today I will not struggle and try; I will surrender and trust.” Playful Jesus tested my trust as I realized I had forgotten my lunch. No big deal, I thought, I’ll be home by 2 p.m. I’ll just have a late lunch.

Then it hit me, did I grab my house key this morning since I didn’t have to lock the door behind me? Nope. I didn’t have my house key. No problem, right, God? You’ve got me. I’ll go get the groceries I need to cook dinner for our friends coming over tonight and I’ll pick something up for lunch too. Then, I realized I didn’t have my wallet. Alas, God reminded me that I happened to have a coupon for a free shake! I figured I would text Scott and see when he would be home. Oops, my phone battery was dead. So, after class and my free shake, I rode my bike home and sat by our door. Plenty of time for reading, I figured.

But, I felt prompted to check my e-mail. So, I pulled out my computer, questioning if I could still get our wireless internet outside of our apartment. But, I could! And now, ladies and gentlemen, technology at its best: I skyped my dad (he was online!), he texted Scott who said he wouldn’t be home until 6 p.m. So, my dad called our landlord who sent someone within minutes to let me in. Nonetheless, Christ in me, the hope of glory, gave me peace. What an adventure he takes us on when we just trust Him and He’s ALWAYS faithful! What a rosy day after a Rosie day!

Rather than traveling lands, today  I ask you to travel back in time….back to the 1940s.
Yesterday, our life group at church did a Halloween outreach–we did a carnival of sorts. At the last minute, we were told to dress up and Scott and I were not prepared. I was generously given these cool red polka dot pants, so I quickly worked to integrate them into a costume. I googled red polka dots and since I didn’t really have the ears for Minnie Mouse, I went with Rosie the Riveter. Scott went as Gilligan, but by my own fault, we do not have a picture of him in his cute hat and red shirt.

There was a great turnout of kids and families and many great conversations and prayers were exchanged. Scott and I even got to practice some of our Spanish! We are thankful for our life group and the way they challenge us to be bold in our faith. With Jesus, We Can Do It!

Come to find out, other admirable people have also dressed as her…. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Rosy Rosie

  1. Sav! You look awesome! And I saw on your sidebar that you follow Chocolate Covered Katie! I LOVE her recipes! I make her baked pumpkin oatmeal literally every morning for breakfast! yum!

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