Going Glocal

Glocal – “reflecting or characterized by both local and global considerations” (According to Oxford Dictionaries)

Old news: We love to travel. We love the world. We love other cultures. We had a great year traveling. We don’t want to forget it.

In an effort to bring our global love to our local home, we have been gradually working on bringing memories of our year of travel into our apartment. We printed some of our pictures from the year to fill the frames that Scott made this summer.

Around our one year anniversary, we bought ourselves some National Geographic continent maps that hang in our office/study. It’s great for reference and a great way to pray for our world.

While we were backpacking, we picked up a flag of every country we visited. Scott decided to display them in the office/study on the wall. Can you name the country for each flag?

And last, but certainly not least, after much searching we found a basil plant, which has become more of a pet for us. He was really puny two weeks ago when we got him, but he is starting to fill out. Why is that global, you ask? Well, Scott calls him “Basel” like the city in Switzerland. Plus, we will never forget our visit to the birthplace of pesto in Cinque Terre, Italy. We are looking forward to some homemade pesto soon!

That’s us going glocal.




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