To the Alamo and Back

Last Friday, the fun began. Nancy, Scott’s mom, arrived at DFW airport and we’ve spent the past several days loving her company. After a errand full Friday and rainy Saturday, we made the short trip to San Antonio after church on Sunday. It was really fun to walk along the river walk, eat Mexican food and savor ice cream on a beautiful day.

We played fun games, had great conversations and were encouraged by the gift of Nancy’s visit. It was fun to share our new little home and life with her.

We even had a picnic at Cameron Park just a few miles from our home. It’s the second largest municipal park in the nation (after Central Park). This picture is post picnic as we looked out over the Brazos River.

This is another picture from San Antonio at the fun river walk.

No doubt we’ll remember the Alamo and back. We had a great time together, and it truly was such a joy to be together. We are so thankful Nancy was able to come visit!


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