As I’ve been working on a couple different research papers, I was instructed to make sure I referenced landmark studies. I quickly said, yes, of course, but later I was confused. How do I know if they are landmark studies? After reading a lot of articles and realizing that certain studies were talked about in nearly all of the articles, I assumed that was how you know by reoccurrence. But, I still wasn’t sure.

Later I was working with my partner on our team research paper and she asked the very question I had thought, “This may be silly, but how do you know if a study is a landmark study?” I smiled because I was thankful to not be the only one wondering about this. In class this week, we finally had the opportunity to ask our teacher. She confidently said that they were the ones repeatedly referenced in other articles. It sounds clear, but it takes a lot of sifting through countless articles to get to that point.

Immediately I felt my spiritual eyes had been opened. I often want God to mark my life, to bring big realizations, to reveal great implications, and I feel disappointed when He doesn’t. But, just as landmark research looks just like any other research in a limited view, so God works in our life despite our inability to see the impact. But, as our scope widens, we can look back at our linear history (packed with stuff to sift through) and see God’s provision and faithfulness.

Scott and I had the amazing opportunity to attend World Mandate, a missions conference put on by Antioch Community Church. One of the speakers said that one of the most powerful tools of the enemy is to blind us to the impact of Christ in us. But, he said, if we can only follow Jesus, no matter where He leads us, we don’t have to question if He is using us, He is. And, one day (maybe not until heaven), we will have eyes to see the landmarks.

What landmarks do you have of Christ working in your life that have been revealed over time? Please encourage us all by sharing!


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