And we thought we were done with moving

After applying to numerous jobs throughout the summer and in the past month living here, Scott started working “in the in between time” with a moving company. That temporary work that he started in our first week here has turned out to be the norm. Just when we thought we had “settled” and were done with moving, Scott joined the industry (see him swimming in his X-Large t-shirt). The work is not always predictable, yet through it, God has provided enough money to put food on the table. Speaking of food on the table…since Scott does a physically demanding job all day, he comes home very hungry. So hungry, in fact, that when we made salad last night, he used the serving bowl and I used the regular salad bowl,  but we thought the comparison was pretty funny.


6 thoughts on “And we thought we were done with moving

  1. Glad to see those salad bowls put to use. I cannot wait to see the size difference in your soup bowls or will Scotts just be the big pot.

    Looks like you two are doing well. What are you going to make for Ken and Linda’s meal?

    Have a great week, Love



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