Missing Logic

Do you ever miss things more when you just had them? It seems like you shouldn’t, but you do.

I feel that way about missing my friends today. Yesterday, our friends, Kimberlee and Stephen, made a three-hour drive to come visit us. It was fun to catch up and enjoy a day together. We all went to Asbury and all graduated different years, so Asbury is a nice common bond. But, our biggest connection goes back two years when Kimberlee and I spent six weeks together in Hungary serving alongside the Searls family in the summer of 2010. We had fun tackling many projects, and we came out of it great friends–the kind of friendship you can pick up anytime. At that time, Scott and I were dating and Stephen hadn’t come along yet. It is fun to see where Jesus has brought us in those two years. Now, we’re both married and in Texas!

So even in my self-allowed slump today, I am amazed and thankful for the chance to meet up with friends! And, I’ll quickly snap out of my slump because Scott and I celebrate one year of marriage today!

Random Fact: Kimberlee and I share the same birthday, and when we visited the Baylor bears on campus yesterday we found out that Joy the bear shares our birthday too. This confirms that it is an important day!


2 thoughts on “Missing Logic

  1. Hang in there Savanah!
    Friends are like flowers, some are annuals-they are there for just a season. Some are perennials, like Kimberlee, they come in & out of your life & you can pick-up where you left off from last visit. Not my original thought, I credit Dee Brestin in The Friendships of Women, a book I highly recommend.
    Happy Anniversary, Savanah & Scott!

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