In the Mean Time

Now that we’re basically moved in, I feel like I have a lot of extra time. But, it’s calm-before-the-storm time, so I’m trying to use it wisely. I’ve been brainstorming every way I can work ahead…here’s some of the projects I’ve been tackling:

I repurposed an empty frame with some leftover fabric and a doily (both from our wedding) to make an earring holder and a decoration.

I’ve been reading about time saver tips from a blog called Kitchen Stewardship. She suggests chopping peppers, onions, even mincing garlic to put in the freezer. So, I spent some quality time singing along with Pandora Radio while I chopped veggies and bagged them up in recipe-ready quantities. I figure if I have the time now, I will appreciate the shortcut later. And, it’s fun to finally use our great knives and cutting boards–well, all of our handy kitchen stuff!

We happened to have a lot of very ripe bananas, so I whipped up some banana bread and frozen chocolate peanut butter banana bites–a new favorite because the bananas taste like ice cream when you freeze them. In fact, have you tried to make your own banana ice cream? It’s so good, easy and healthy!

And, while things are in the oven or my chopping arm needs a break, I’ve been reading up on marriage in this classic book Passages of Marriage – thanks to our friends who got us this! The authors break down marriage into five passages and give you road sign topics that you should be dealing with at each passage. My parents just had their 36th wedding anniversary this past week and Scott and I celebrate our 1st year in a couple of days. It was baffling to realize that we are in the first stage and my parents are entering the fifth stage. What a journey we have ahead of us!

Of course, we’ve been doing a lot of other things like registering for classes, establishing permanent residency, looking for jobs, cleaning and organizing, and falling to our knees quite often. There have been plenty of things to cause discouragement, but we’re at our best when we cling to Christ as David expresses in Psalm 31. “Into your hand I commit my spirit; you have redeemed me, O Lord, faithful God.”


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