Home Sweet Home

Over the last week, we have

–made the 15 hour drive from Mentor, Ohio, to Pine Bluff, Arkansas

–loaded up our car and my parent’s car and a small U-haul trailer (all filled to the brim)

–moved to Waco, Texas.

Here are some pictures as we begin to set up home together for the first time!

Our bedroom with our refinished furniture, a wall hanging from my sister in China, and our wedding quilt on the wall but we plan to switch it up regularly.

Our study room with the great desk Scott built!

The kitchen/living area with the frames and coffee table that Scott built. The frames will soon be filled with some backpacking pictures.

Of course, a picture can’t show it all, so you should just come visit! Our couch makes into a bed, and we would love to have you!


3 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Everything looks homey and lovely. So happy you guys can be settled for a bit. Praying for good friendships and a smooth start to the semester for you.

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