Just Call us HGTV

Of course with all of our family hopping, we have had little time to blog as we soak up every moment with family that we have missed over the past year. However, while we were in Arkansas, my parents travelled to China (to visit my sister and brother-in-law that live there). With extra time by ourselves, we tackled many projects to get ready to move to Waco. Naturally, we had to get car insurance, internet, and other essentials in place, but we also had to gather furniture for our new place. With a tight budget and creative repurposing, here’s what we have been working on…

After a rummage through my parent’s attic and some shopping around at second-hand stores, we came up with a dining table and chairs, a four-poster bed, a chest and mirror, a couple of nightstands, a rocking chair, and a desk top that all needed a little work.

We painted/stained nightstands and restained the chest and mirror and dining table and chairs and re-upholstered them. We also re-upholstered the rocking chair in a Scott-approved paisley “rocking chair” fabric that will become his football-watching chair. You’ll have to come visit us to see the new fabric in the seats!

We sanded and repainted the bed. Yes, it’s orange. With the design advice of my mom, it is expected to look quite nice with the quilt that was made for us for our wedding–which is now finished and looks amazing thanks to my hard-working sister!

But, alas, we happened upon some free lumber, and since we were still in need of a bookshelf and a coffee table, my handy husband became a carpenter.

He constructed both from scratch and they turned out great!

This is him working on the coffee table. It is a shaker-style design that can double as a bench if we need extra seating. We hope to host many people in our cozy home!

We painted it with a crackle finish so it would match another piece that was given to us as a wedding gift.

We are feeling much more prepared for setting up our apartment in Waco! And, now we are back in Ohio for Hollow Rock camp meeting which starts on Thursday. We’ll be at camp until we head back to Arkansas to pack up and move to Waco at the beginning of August.


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