Back in Hungary

A lot has happened since our last update. Last Thursday, Savanah and I flew from Munich to Budapest to begin the celebration of my brother Mark’s wedding. In Budapest airport, we met up with my parents and Mark and Eszti (Mark’s fiance) picked us up. Since then, we have been go-go-going with sightseeing, wedding planning, and visiting with one another. It has been a joy getting to know Eszti’s family, exploring another European city with my family, and laughing over the dinner table. Our Landerholm family is very excited because tomorrow, we will have another member. Congratulations to Mark and Eszti!

Many of the Americans who have come for the wedding and the Searls family (missionaries to Hungary) who are so generously hosting many of us.

Here are some other pictures of Mark and Eszti in front of where they will be living, Budapest at night with my family, and Mark and Eszti’s shower.


One thought on “Back in Hungary

  1. Those Budapest at night photos are beautiful!

    One of my classmate’s sister and her family live in Budapest.

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