Munich Madness

As most know, soccer is huge in Europe. This past Saturday night was the “super bowl” for European soccer. The host city for the “neutral” game was Munich. However, it turned out to be not so neutral when Munich’s team made it to the championship game. This is the first time ever that the host city’s team made it to the final game. With my cousin living in Munich, we decided to rearrange our plans to be in the city to enjoy the festivities. We were not let down. The five hour train ride from Koblenz, Germany, alone was a thrill. The train was packed with both Munich fans and Chelsea fans (the other team from London) singing, chanting, yelling, and a lot of drinking. It was energy-filled. And at each train station along the way, more fans were picked up to the point no seats were left. We got off the train in Munich to a massive blob of people just as excited as those on the train but only to a larger scale. Apparently everyone else had the same idea to go to Munich. Though Munich’s team ended up losing in shoot outs, the experience was not a let down. The areas with the outdoor giant screens scattered around the city were all packed, and the city was filled with excitement.


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