A Proud Grandson

After leaving Brussels yesterday afternoon, Savanah and I made our way to Bastogne, Belgium. Bastogne is not a big place nor is it typically on someone’s itinerary who is backpacking Europe. But for me, it was a must. Why? What it does have is the Mardasson Memorial (a memorial to American soldiers who fought in the Battle of the Bulge) and several Battle of the Bulge museums. Since both of my grandfathers fought in the war, I wanted to see Bastogne and pay my respect to them and their fellow soldiers.

I have been carrying a picture of each of them in their uniforms during their time in the service, so we took several pictures of me with the pictures at the memorial.

It was a very proud moment for me as I reflected on my two grandpas.

Oh yes! Savy and I stayed in a little town that was a 2 km walk from Bastogne called Savy. How could we stay anywhere else?

Later we caught a train to Luxembourg City, and we have explored this beautiful city this evening. On to a new destination tomorrow…









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