Unending Chocolate

Words can’t really express it but needless to say, we like Brussels. After staying the night with hospitable Asbury alums, we took the metro into Brussels expectant but ignorant. When we arrived in the beautiful galleries (shops) and Grand Place (most ornate plaza we’ve been in), we realized we had landed in a chocolate-lover’s heaven. We spent the morning and early afternoon chocolate shop hopping between seeing the city. With free tastes and endless varieties, we could not wipe the smiles off our faces. And though we’ve been saving money most of the trip, we definitely did not scrimp on the hundreds of grams of chocolate that we bought…and plan to eat within the next few days. However, no need to worry about our overload of calories. Because, after the 500 miles we each walked while in Ireland for four months, we have each walked over 250 miles in mainland Europe over the past two or so weeks. We average about 13 miles a day. Here’s a view of Brussels…(I would recommend eating some chocolate while you view the pictures and you’ll get a more authentic taste of the city).







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