One of our favorite finds for traveling in Switzerland has been the Swiss Pass. This one pass covers almost all types of public transportation and discounts for big tourist attractions. For an affordable price, we have marveled at the ease of unlimited use of our 4-day pass. We just flash it and go…and sometimes we don’t even have to flash it – we can just get on. One of those instances was today in Grindelwald. We had a little extra time so we decided to take full advantage of our Swiss Pass and travel around to some other mountainside towns. After a fun day of exploring, we were waiting for the train that would take us back down the mountain when Scott found a really cool looking train ride that was leaving in just a couple minutes. We spontaneously jumped on the train and began a steep journey overlooking the green valley and snowy Alps. As we were just beginning to soak in the view, the ticket checker came. We nonchalantly flashed our pass, but he asked again for our tickets. We confusedly looked at him as he explained that this special attraction train requires an extra ticket. Our pass only gives us a discount, he explained. Unsure of what to do and feeling an expensive ticket price coming, we asked if we could just get off at the next fast-approaching stop. We don’t think he knew exactly what to do either, and we were thankful that he was distracted with training other ticket checkers, so he let us get off at the stop. We quickly jumped out as he said, “Enjoy your hike!” We stepped out to a beautiful but totally empty station. After some laughter, we started down the hill. And since this was a side trip, we happened to be carrying our fully-loaded backpacks. It didn’t seem like we had been on the train for any time at all, so how far could it be? Three steep downhill miles and an hour later, we made it back to the station. The hike was full of laughs, songs, and gorgeous views. Though the afternoon turned out different than expected, we were happier for it – and our legs are stronger for it too!





5 thoughts on “Tickets?

  1. Love all the mountain photos. For some reason, it reminds me a lot of Tiger Leaping Gorge where we were in January. Keep posting!

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