Spring Breakin’ with the Parents

Starting officially tomorrow we are off for two weeks for Spring Break. For the first week, we will be traveling with Scott’s parents, who arrived this past Thursday. The second week we’ll be traveling with Savanah’s parents.

So far, we have loved getting to share our life here in Galway with family. On Friday we rented a car (which Scott drove like a pro on the narrow and winding Irish roads) and explored the Burren and visited the Cliffs of Moher.

Today we have showcased our favorite places here in town. Tomorrow we head to Dublin after church and on Monday, we fly to Edinburgh, Scotland. We’ll try our best to update you along the way!


4 thoughts on “Spring Breakin’ with the Parents

  1. A neat thing about Edinburgh, one of the groomsmen from our wedding (and Jake’s old roommate) got engaged there! Y’all are having a blast and learning so much, what neat experiences you are sharing with us! Love you!

  2. So fun to hear an update and to see the picture with Mom and Dad there! I am excited that you all are getting to spend this time together!

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