The Long-Awaited St. Patrick’s Day

Experiencing St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland is on many people’s Bucket List, but it hasn’t ever been on ours. However, we were excited to witness the holiday on this side of the pond. We even got the day off of work, so we went to the parade (evident by all of the pictures).

Getting a good spot for the parade..the streets were pretty filled with people.

Like everyone else, these kids were dressed up and waiting for the parade to get to us.

On kids, none the less!

Juggler getting sprayed by crazy string but going on strong!

Part of the Plough Men Group (I think).

There were several groups of cheerleaders like this one that would come either before or after a marching band of little kids playing recorders and drums.

Kids on stilts!

Cool car in the antique car section…it looked very Irish to me, but maybe that was the cute chuckling Irish man inside!

This was the Russian Representation in the parade. Other countries were also represented…Ghana, Japan, China, Philippines, Poland, United States, and others.

Later in the afternoon when were walking around, we stopped along with loads of other people to ooo and awww at these impressive gymnasts.

For dinner, we ate some spinach lasagna to stay true to the green day. Below are a couple videos from the parade. Hope you all had a happy St. Patrick’s Day! And, happy Irish mother’s day to all you mothers–it was celebrated yesterday!


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