School Update

A few weeks ago, I shared about my experience in the local school with the Jr. High level class (if I forgot to mention last time, this is an all boys school). Since then I have gone back twice.

Two weeks ago, we introduced specifically who Jesus was and is and His significance coming down to earth. The boys were attentive the whole time, and asked us many questions after the video we watched.

Last week when we went to the school, we used an illustration towards the end of the time to explain Jesus to the students called The Bridge to Life. Here is how we did it:

1. We brought up one student to represent God.

2. We brought up another student to represent Man (Adam and Eve).

3. We showed how Man and God stood together in the beginning.

4. As the two stepped away from each other, we showed that sin entered this world and Man and God were separated by a gap.

5. We had another boy volunteer to be Jesus. He stood between God and Man and stretched out his arms like a cross. We explained the significance behind Jesus dying on the cross, rising from the dead, and giving Man the opportunity to reach out to Jesus and find forgiveness of sins, new life and hope in Jesus.

6. At this point, we showed how Jesus acts as a bridge connecting Man to God.

This past week, we went into class prepared to watch another small video and then discuss it; however, the projector was not working. I found it to be a real blessing in the end, because it allowed for much more discussion time. I started off by asking for three volunteers again and asked for the students this time to walk me through The Bridge to Life. The boys did a great job taking me through the whole concept. I am thrilled they understand the process, but I continue to pray they will understand the significance behind it all. Afterwards, we answered many of their questions. Please pray for Orla and me to have wisdom answering the many tough and challenging questions these students have.

A side story…Last week a group of about 10 boys from this school came into our cafe to get some cookies and relax during their break. Half the boys were from the class I go to and the other half from the class Savanah goes to (which she gave her testimony to that class today). I was able to sit down and talk to them for about 30 minutes. I told them about our recent wedding, time in Honduras, and time here in Ireland. I showed them a small picture book Savanah made me of our time in Honduras and with our families. They were fascinated by the idea of the two of us going to these different places so quickly after our wedding. But, my favorite part was that they knew at the end of the conversation that we are doing this to share about the love of Jesus. Even in the small conversations, God makes himself known!


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