Honduras Connection

Yesterday at church, Savanah and I met a couple who help lead worship. The man is from Ireland and the lady is from Minnesota. As we were sharing about ourselves with each other, Savanah and I mentioned our three months down in Honduras last fall. Sarah, the lady, flashed a huge smile on her face and proceeded to share that her sister lives in Honduras as a missionary, and that she is married to a Honduran. They live just outside of Comayagua.

Hearing they are close to Comayagua, my stomach sank. If you are not aware, this past Tuesday a fire broke out in a prison in Comayagua killing 358 people.  After being in Honduras for three months, I daily think and pray for the people of Honduras. The Hondurans are often heavy on my heart, and this recent tragedy has been very sad to think about.

My sadness was quickly turned to joy as Sarah shared that her brother-in-law goes into prisons to share the gospel with the inmates. She went on to say that he was just at the prison in Comayagua a couple weeks before the fire and over a hundred inmates surrendered their lives to the Lord.

The picture on the right is me overlooking the capital city, Tegucigalpa, in Honduras. Thankfully we serve a God that overlooks all of Honduras, all of Ireland, all of America…and the list could go on forever as He watches over all the world.

We ask you to please continue praying for Honduras and Ireland.


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