But I would walk 500 miles…

And I would walk 500 more…

(Go ahead, hit play…it makes a good soundtrack while you keep reading.)

Yesterday we hit just over the 300 mile mark on our journey to 1000 miles. I’m sitting at home this morning while Scott is out running to rack up some more. This morning my legs are screaming for a break. Not only did I give them a break, I gave them some chocolate too…hmm…not the best idea perhaps.

This week has been pretty slow at An Tobar Nua because the schools are out for a mid-term break. Without them for our daily lunch rush, it is quiet. We obviously didn’t go to the schools this week for classes, so it has been a week of extra cleaning and preparation for the weeks to come.

Speaking of preparation, Scott and I hiked 9 miles round trip to Barna Woods on Thursday when we had the day off. It is a forest of green-moss-covered trees and rocks, which is pretty classic Ireland in my mind. We both expected a leprechaun to jump out from behind a tree at any point. We walked a few more miles later in the day and at least 5 of our miles that day were in a cold, windy rain. Though not every step was full of fun, we had an enjoyable day and felt like we were preparing ourselves for some bigger hikes and for backpacking Europe.

It is easy to see the times of preparation as pointless. Sometimes I feel like I am floundering instead of getting ready. In college, people often waited for the day to come when they could finally start applying what they learned and escape the classroom. Though I was ready to practice what had been preached, I also really enjoyed the learning process. So, it occurred to me that we choose whether the time of preparation is valuable or a waste. All of our little decisions matter–even the extra spoonfuls of Nutella. Though I eagerly await the busyness of the students returning next week for the lunch rush, today is of great value. There is a purpose for today, and I must choose who I am going to be today. I find it amazing how God uses our simple steps of obedience for His glory. So, after much thought, I determine to be determined…to walk 500 miles and 500 more if that’s what it takes.

After all that talk, I better go walk…

What are you going to be today? Is today the day to take an extra step spiritually or even physically?

***Disclaimer: I don’t think we are called to walk alone. I recommend having a walking buddy. A close relationship with Jesus fills the journey with hope and joy. If you are especially prone to weakness and need constant encouragement (like me), I suggest a physical walking buddy too.***


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