Holy Vessels

Sometimes in the day-in-and-day-out of life, I begin to feel very blah. I guess I can just fall into my routine and forget the power that each day holds in the hands of our Lord. And, since we are to be his hands and feet, that means that there is power in each of us.

For Christmas, I got Beth Moore’s study of Daniel. This week, it focused on Daniel 5 where King Belshazzar uses holy vessels for unholy purposes. Beth explains that we too are holy vessels in the house of the Lord, yet oftentimes we allow Satan to desecrate what God has consecrated. For me, I notice subtle distortions in my thoughts and how I view myself. But, God designed us as holy vessels–our minds are not meant to hold those unholy thoughts! We are to be separated from ordinary or common thinking and completely devoted to Him and His purposes. Plus, we are holy vessels because we house the Holy Spirit!

Over the past few weeks as I have adjusted to a new culture and settled into a new routine, I have allowed myself to sit back and simply soak in my environment. Though I think that is perfectly fine (even necessary) for a time, this bible study is waking me up to the fact that I must live out of the power that Christ has put in me. With people constantly coming in the cafe and going into the schools, I see people all of the time. I know I cannot connect with them all or maybe not any of them, but I am learning that I can exemplify the power of Christ because I am a holy vessel. May the Lord empower us to cling to His power in us.

“Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.”


6 thoughts on “Holy Vessels

  1. Truly we are chosen vessels to be used by the Lord! God bless you both! Prayers!! Dan (the friend you met on the flight from Honduras!!)

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