Around the House

Another thing I keep forgetting to tell you about, or rather show you around, is our home. We live in a large room on the second floor right above the bookstore (operated by An Tobar Nua). We have a kitchenette down the hall and through a few doors, and our friend, Asher, generously lets us use his oven and stove-top. Here’s a picture tour of our room. These photos were taken after we first got settled (but not too much has changed since then).

This is what you see when you walk in the door. It is a lovely nonworking fireplace with good shelf space. This is also our dining area.

To the right of our dining area is our bed. It’s two twin beds pushed together and it’s fully equipped with cozy flannel sheets! (This window faces a wall six inches out from it–they have done a lot of adding on.)

This is our living area. On the left , there is a twin bed made into a couch. In the center, we have two dressers dividing the closet space from the living area. Scott is working at the desk on the computer. These two windows face the street and give us a glance of the sun!

This is our cute little bathroom. We have a corner metered shower, so you have to press the button every 10 or so seconds to continue the water flow. You can’t really see the toilet but it’s in the bottom right corner of the picture.

We are adjusting to the massive differences of living in a small space compared to our house in Honduras, but both have been nice accommodations and great places to call home!


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