Surfing the Burren

Everybody here at the cafe works Tuesday through Saturday. With Saturdays being a slower day, a couple people will get Saturday off on a rotational basis. This Saturday our co-worker and friend Asher had his day off. He grew up in Hawaii, and is a lover of surfing. He wanted to enjoy the ocean this weekend, so he rented a car to drive to the famous surfing beach in Ireland. The town is called Lahinch and is about an hour and a half from Galway.

Having the car for the whole weekend, Asher asked us if we would like to join him on Sunday to explore the Burren (area around Lahinch) and possibly try some surfing. We jumped at the opportunity and decided to make this a Sunday of worshiping God’s creation. And, we were not let down. We felt so blessed to see just a tiny part of the amazing creation God has created. He truly is an awe-inspiring God.

Since we had a car, we were able to stop at a number of places and enjoy the sights. Below is a slideshow of a number of the pictures we took. We saw a beautiful house with an amazing thatched roof, fields full of sheep and lambs, waterfalls on a mountain side through the fog, castles, and so much more.

However, the highlight for me was going surfing. I have spent a decent amount of time in the ocean, but sadly, I’ve never  gone surfing. If you would have told me my first time surfing would be in Ireland in January, I would have laughed, but it happened! Asher and I rented full-body wetsuits and surfboards, and we headed out into the ocean. It was an incredible experience. I must admit, the way the wetsuit can keep you warm in the freezing water was surprising. I was warmer in my wetsuit in the water than I was in my regular layered clothes and jacket outside the water. Our hour and a half of surfing was full of beautiful views (the Cliffs of Moher off in the distance and the occasional sunshine), wave riding for Asher and some for me, and big crashes and salt water drinking for me. All in all, it was an amazing opportunity and a great way to enjoy the Lord’s creation.

After surfing, we eventually made our way to an area of the Burren with a mountain side we could climb. We had an incredible view from the top. As we descended, we enjoyed watching the sunset over the countryside. The Lord has blessed us with a beautiful creation that gloriously sings to our souls.

Isaiah 55:12 “You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.”

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