Off the deep end

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Or, in Ireland, do what the Irish do. Part of the Irish way is enjoying the sun whenever possible, and we had sun today, along with rain, but still had sun.

About a two mile walk from our place, there is a swimming area. No matter what time of the year, many Irish lads and lassies take a dip (a quick dip this time of the year). Our co-worker and friend, Asher, has been telling us about this place, and I was getting excited (yet nervous) about the adventure. Well today, he stopped by our room and asked if I would like to go with him for a swim. We jumped on a couple of bikes and rode down there, while Savanah walked quickly behind us (though I wasn’t sure if she was coming all the way). Approaching the swimming spot, I assumed we would be the only ones dumb enough to take a dip, since the water was 42 degrees and the air was about 40 degrees. However, as we came around the bend, there were a handful of older men changing out of their work clothes (even some suits) into their speedos. I watched in amazement as these men hung up their fancy clothes on the side of the wall, walked up calmly to the water, jumped in, and took a dip. Some jumped in for 30 seconds and got quickly out while others stayed in up to 15 minutes. I laughed as some of the men called the people swimming for five minutes or more crazy. I laughed thinking to myself thinking, there are a lot of people who think you are crazy jumping in for even 10 seconds.

Sure enough, many jump in, get out, dry off, put their work clothes back on, and then head home. As I was anxiously getting ready to jump in, I started talking to this man who said he comes every day after work to clear his mind. I can tell you, after doing it myself, your mind feels pretty clear after a few seconds in the nearly-freezing water.

Anyways, I jumped in for a quick swim and then got out. Asher was trying to psych himself to go in as well, so I went in again with him so he’d jump in. We got out and were drying off when Asher pointed out Savanah walking from a distance. As Savanah approached, I said, “If she walked this far, I might as well do it again for her.” So Asher and I went again, which is the first video below. Savanah accidentally held the camera the wrong way the first half, but Asher and I figured it wasn’t important enough to do a retake.

As we were leaving, a few women came as well and took a dip. We took another video of a few Irish folks going out for a long swim, not the 20 second swim like I did.

p.s. Keep a watch for one of Savanah doing it. She may wait until it gets a little warmer.


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