Going Out for Tapas

After work last night, we went out for dinner with a big group of our coworkers (Irish and American). We ate at Cava’s, which is a Spanish Tapas Restaurant. Many nights we had walked past this restaurant on our way home, and I had commented how warm and cozy the environment looked inside.

The ambiance was great and so was the food! From the hint of orange and mint in the water to the several rounds of appetizer-type dishes that kept coming out, we enjoyed the time of good food and fellowship. Scott’s favorites were the fried potatoes with a tomato cream sauce and the sea bass with vegetables while I really enjoyed goat cheese and sweet potato croquettes and spinach with apricots and hazelnuts.

Tomorrow we are going on a tour of the Cliffs of Moher (and other surrounding areas). We didn’t want to miss church, so Scott did some asking around and found a convent just up the street with an early service. We are very intrigued to go to the service and experience worship alongside the nuns.

This morning we went for a walk along the bay at low tide. Here are some pictures of the beautiful scenery.


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