Kicking the Stone

On our day off today, we went for several walks as we explored more of Galway, enjoyed the daylight, and picked up a few items to further help us get settled. One of the walks was along the bay. Supposedly, people walk along the bay until they get to this certain rock that they kick and then turn back in the other direction.

So, Scott kicked the rock, but we ended up following the bay a little further because I couldn’t resist the beach (although, I could resist the ice cold water). We love walking around this beautiful area. In fact, in case you were wondering how many miles we’ve accumulated, our total is just at 65 miles collectively walking in Europe.

Yesterday we attended Discovery Church with about 150 people. It was a beautiful picture of unity in Christ with the most diverse congregation–Indians, Africans, Irish, Asians and Americans (and probably others too). Scott and I really enjoyed the time of worship–praise music, genuine prayer, solid teaching, and sweet fellowship. Many of our co-workers attend this church (plus, everyone else was very friendly),  and we felt very welcome there. Thank you, Jesus, for a great place to get fed and refueled!

After church, we went with several friends/co-workers to our friend’s home. We hung out over pizza and tons of great food. It was a really great time of conversation and fellowship over a football game. John, the Bible teacher for the cafe, records the football games and watches them the next day–needless to say, we’ve made a good connection! He actually attended Asbury Seminary, so we had a fun time talking about Wilmore with him and his wife.

The work week hits tomorrow for us, and we will be assigned to a new post for the week. After a couple more weeks of training, we will rotate duties a couple times a day, but for now, we are in the same job for the whole week. Last week, Scott was on “cookies” (which actually includes a lot more than just making cookies) and I worked the front counter (which is primarily working the register and making the drinks). We are excited to learn new jobs, but we do ask for your prayers as we continue to serve. We desire to work wholeheartedly with outpouring joy for the glory of the Lord.


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