Funny Adjustments

Since arriving in Ireland, I have had to adjust to a few things. I hope you enjoy these two stories.

First. They drive on the opposite side of the road; thus, the steering wheel is on the opposite side of the car. Today Savanah and I went on a morning walk before beginning work. As we were walking along, I was watching the various cars drive past. I suddenly had the shock of my life as I saw a large bull dog driving perfectly straight down the road. Before I could make a fool of myself by pointing out in a loud, excited voice that a dog was driving the car, I saw a man in the actual driver seat. It quickly dawned on me that the dog was only in the passenger seat and not driving. You all probably think I am dumb, but I am so accustomed to the driver’s seat being on the left side of the car. The funny part is the same thing basically happened the other night with about 10 year old being the one “driving.” Maybe I will catch on some day.

Two. Many stores don’t have credit/debit card readers and point costumers to a nearby ATM. I did not realize this going into the grocery store tonight. Savanah and I have been amazed at how expensive groceries are here so we sought out advice on a cheaper place. We were told by some Irish co-workers that Aldi (a German discount grocery store) was about 1.5 mile walk from our place. Tonight as we went to pay for our groceries, the cashier informed us they don’t except credit/debit cards and told me about an ATM a couple doors up. Embarrassed we were going to be holding up the lady behind us, I took off running to the ATM (meanwhile, the lady behind Savanah told her this happens all the time and not to worry about anything). Leaving the store running in the way the clerk pointed, I quickly realized there wasn’t an ATM a couple doors up because there weren’t even any more doors along the way. Looking in the distance I saw a gas station with ATM on its sign. Now running across the parking lot, I noticed some bushes in front of me and a fence behind it blocking me from the gas station. To my right was brick walls and to my left should have been open for me to cut through the way, but there was construction going on there so they had fences up. Feeling pressured for time, I decided to crawl under the bushes and scale the fence.

I panicked for a brief moment thinking the gas station was closed, but then I saw lights on. Upon getting my cash, I ran out and again scaled the fence to get back to the store. When I finally got back, the cashier commented how fast that was. On our walk home, we laughed processing the whole thing from each of our perspectives. I obviously thought I had to hurry while Savanah (from working the front counter at the coffee shop and the lady’s comment) knew ATM runs are a common ordeal and there was no need to panic or rush over it. I guess I will carry more cash with me when I go to the store. Oh yes, we will be making this trip more often because we were very delighted with the prices there.


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