First Day on the Job

Savanah and I have made it through our first day of work. Savanah worked up front at the counter and welcomed everyone with her usual sweet smile. She worked at the cash register, took orders, made specialty drinks, arranged the sweets display, and did other odd jobs. I had the tempting job of making cookies much of the day. I say tempting because I spent hours making cookies and baking cookies and yet we are only allowed one cookie a day as employees (free of charge). During the lunch rush when many of the local students come for their lunch break, I was taking orders as they came in the door. I caught on fairly quickly with the ordering protocol, but I don’t believe I will ever learn how to understand, spell, or pronounce many of the Irish names. Nevertheless, Savanah and I had an enjoyable day beginning to learn just a tiny bit of cafe/coffee shop work. The most enjoyable part of the day was beginning to build relationships with our Irish co-workers and Irish costumers.

Please pray that we can build strong relationships so we can share Christ more effectively.

Also, pray for us to learn the different tasks of working in a cafe. Savanah is a natural and will learn quickly. I on the other hand will need a little more time. The head of the ministry walked through the kitchen  halfway through the morning and asked me, “Scott, have you worked much before in a kitchen.” My response was “only in my mom’s kitchen.” He quickly responded “we’ll take what we can get.”


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