In Ireland

After flying out of Pittsburgh on Saturday afternoon, we made our short connection in Washington Dulles to London Heathrow (our luggage made it too thankfully), and we passed through the dozen security hoops of customs in London to make our flight to Dublin. And, we finally arrived in Ireland.

We quickly took the cross-country Go Bus to Galway. Though we are certain the drive was filled with beautiful Irish countryside, neither of us could keep our eyes open. Although, we did catch glimpses of sheep-covered green hillsides, countless old stone fences, and several roundabouts (as we drove on the opposite side of the street). After a taxi ride to our neighborhood, we grabbed a quick bite to eat at Apache Pizza across the street. We realized how old Europe is when we saw the restaurant’s sign said “since 1890” – that’s the same age as Asbury University! We met up with a girl who works at An Tobar Nua that let us into our room.

Mainly, we have been unpacking and settling in to our new home—quite different than Honduras. Last night, we walked along a pedestrian boulevard and bought cell phones and a few groceries (from a large grocery store in the basement of a department store). After a little more organizing around our apartment this morning, we are heading out to explore more of the surrounding city. We’ll post some pictures later.

Thank you for your prayers! We are thankful to have made it here safely with all of our luggage and that we have an extra day to acquaint ourselves with this new place before we start work tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “In Ireland

  1. Yay!! I’ve been thinking about you guys so much the past few days. Josh and I watched a documentary about Ireland, and it really made me want to got there. The landscape really appeals to me. And, I love learning about the rich spiritual history of the country. Do you know about the Northumbria community? Josh and I love the Celtic Daily Prayer book. Also, there is this cartoon about a monastery & the famous book of Kells. It’s called the Secret of Kells. You guys should watch it. It’s really beautiful & at least based on history (when the Vikings were attacking monasteries). Again, I’m so excited for you guys and praying for strength and renewal in your time in Ireland. Much love to both of you!


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