Thanksgiving in Ohio

We have been back in the states for a week now and enjoying time with family in Ohio. Although it felt a bit like a jump from summer straight into cold weather and the holidays, the delicious foods, laughter-filled games, and quality time with family have been a warm welcome. This picture is after watching the Ohio State football game.

Scott and I have both had to adjust back to life in America and have experienced the confused emotions of the vast gap in lifestyles. After a week of adjusting back to the culture, we are becoming comfortable with life here yet constantly reminded of our friends in Honduras. It does put “need” in perspective…especially around the holidays. Thank you for your prayers for our travel and transition back from Honduras.

Couples: Bob and Megan (sister), Mark (brother) and Eszti, Kurt (dad) and Nancy (mom), Scott and Savanah

On Sunday, we visited Shadyside, Ohio, where Scott’s family lived for 8 years. They supported us to go to Honduras, so we were able to share pictures and stories with the incredibly hospitable church. After the service, they even had a potluck lunch to honor the Landerholms, and it was such a sweet reunion with many valued friends. This picture is of the expanded Kurt Landerholm family. It has been such a special blessing to have all of us together this holiday!


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