Scott’s Saddle Story #8

As we ride horseback from one place to another, Chele and I try to keep ourselves entertained. We have definitely had some decent conversations, but with my limited Spanish, they are sporadic. One of the games we play is trying to guess what time it is by looking at the sun’s location. I know, you are jealous of our fun. Other times when we really want to have fun, we take it up a few notches from time guessing to racing. There is a grass runway about a mile from the main part of campus out in one of the fields. At times, Chele and I will use the runway as a shortcut to get to another field. And, every time we use it, we always make it into a race.

One day, I called Savanah to come meet us at the gate leading into the school to get a picture of something. Long story much shorter…she had a little extra time, so she jumped on the back of my horse and joined us as we were taking a bull to a field (a field right next to the runway). And, since we were so close to the runway, we thought it would be fun to get Savanah to take a video of us racing–if you would like to watch it:



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