From My Desk

The past few weeks or months now (that’s hard to believe!) I (Savanah) have been helping the director of the school create some promotional and informational material in English. We have been organizing a series of fundraising dinners as part of his trip to the states in November. Here are some thumbnails of the stuff I’ve been working on for the “Sowing Hope” series for Escuela El Sembrador, the School of the Sower.

This is a giving catalog which showcases specific projects and current needs of the school.

This is a newsletter that explains our intention with fundraising dinners, and it gives the full outline for how to host a fundraising dinner.

These are similar brochures. The first (outside of brochure) explains the different ways to give (pray, give, visit). The second one explains how to leave El Sembrador in your Will (inside of brochure).

As I have been compiling the information, writing the content, and designing the materials, I have interviewed six students to record their stories.


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