Pizza, Prayers, and Provision

Back in April, after Scott and I got engaged, we were trying to figure out what our next steps were for our future. We visited my parents over Easter weekend, and we had many conversations about what to do. Prior to our engagement, I was planning on going to Ireland in the fall, and Scott was hoping to go back to Honduras. Obviously, we didn’t want to spend the first months of marriage in two different countries, so we began to struggle with which one it would be. Finally, over the Easter weekend, my dad gave us what we believe to be a divinely-inspired plan of going to Honduras in the fall and Ireland in the spring. But, we did not know if either of those were possibilities for those specific times. Much of our ten hour drive back to Wilmore that weekend was in deep conversation and prayer about our future.

There was no doubt that Scott cared about the cowboys and boys he had built a relationship with last year. He was struggling knowing whether the Lord was pulling on his heart to go back or if it was just the desire to continue those relationships. On the car ride, Scott was praying for clarity to come soon. If this idea of both Honduras and Ireland was a possibility, we needed to act quickly because deadlines were fast-approaching. The Lord answered faster than either of us could have imagined.

When Scott got home that night after our trip, he had received a letter from Rusbel, a student at El Sembrador that we sponsor. In the letter, Rusbel wrote that he was not a Christian and that he would be graduating in November. Scott called me immediately feeling like that was the confirmation to our conversations and prayers. We needed to go to Honduras this fall for Rusbel before he graduated.

As you all know, the Lord has provided for us to come to Honduras this fall (and we are still trusting he will pave the way for Ireland). Once we arrived here, we wanted to be intentional about investing in Rusbel’s life. But for whatever reason, there have not been many opportunities to spend time with him. Nonetheless, we have been praying hard since we found out he was not a Christian (and especially hard since we got here). We haven’t known if he had made a decision to become a Christian since he wrote that letter, so we have continued to pray for his salvation.

At the beginning of the week, we invited him over for pizza on Friday (he’s had exams this week, so we wanted to wait until he finished them). On Tuesday, there was an evening church service because the Board of Directors was in town. One of the men that spoke challenged the seniors in the room to make a decision for Christ before they graduated and left this school. We saw Rusbel walk to the front, but we weren’t sure what the Lord was doing in his life.

Rusbel came over last night, and we had a fun and relaxed couple of hours of talking over pizza. (Rusbel knows a fair amount of English, so that helps conversation flow a little better.) After we had been talking for a while, Scott explained to Rusbel our tug to come to Honduras because of what he wrote in the letter in April. Then, Scott asked how his spiritual life has been since the letter. Though we saw Rusbel walk forward, we wanted him to tell us what the Lord was doing in his life. Almost instantly as we began to talk about his spiritual life, Rusbel began to smile. He boldly and honestly told us he had become a Christian. Scott asked when he had made that commitment, and with an even bigger smile, he said, on Tuesday. We spent the next several minutes rejoicing together about his new decision.

Wow. We had come here in some ways because we wanted Rusbel to know God, yet we have had little direct influence on Rusbel. We have been faithful to pray and God has cultivated a seeking heart in Rusbel. We are overjoyed and humbled that the Lord lives in Rusbel—an answer to our fervent prayers!


3 thoughts on “Pizza, Prayers, and Provision

  1. This is great! You have been faithful. Even if you do not feel you were a big part of his decision, your time with him has probably given him support and encouragement. Praise God!!!

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