Scott’s Saddle Story #5

As you are heading out the main road of El Sembrador, there is a little house that sits alone.  The head man of the pork farm and his family lives there. From what I can tell, the family consists of the mother and father, a few daughters, and one son.  Basically all traffic and people coming in and out of El Sembrador must go past this house.  I have gone by the house on foot, in a car, on a four-wheeler, on a bus, and in the back of the truck. Every time I go by, I see the little boy playing in the dirt, playing with his little truck, watching his mom cook on their outside fire stove, etc.  He picks up his head to see who and what is going by and turns back to whatever he was doing.

However, whenever we go by on horseback, all things change.  No matter where he is or what he is doing, he runs to the fence separating his house from the road as fast as he can, and he pushes his face up to the fence to watch us go by.  It doesn’t matter how many times we go by in a day, every time he makes me smile as he looks as if he is seeing Disney World for the first time.

For a while now, I have wanted to get a picture of him with one of the horses. Well, today was the day! I took my camera this morning to the farm in hopes of going by their house. Sure enough as we went, he came running to the fence. I told Chele I wanted a picture of him with the horses. I called for him to come, but he just stood there in shock. His mother was there and gave him a little push on the back to go. He slowly walked out to us obviously filled with wonder and fear. As Chele lifted him up on the horse, he was expressionless. Though the picture of him may look as if he is bored, let me assure you it was anything but that. We all asked him to smile, but he kept the same expression and just shook his head no.

Once I got the picture and Chele lifted him off, he ran up to me to see the picture. He got a huge smile on his face and ran back to his mom and hid under her unable to hide his giant smile. Chele talked for the next several minutes how funny and cute the little boy was. Later as we went by, this time with cows, the little boy was there with an extra glow in his eyes. El Sembrador might have a future cowboy in that boy!


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